Why should you train your dog?

Dogs are not naughty!!! Naughtiness is a human concept.

Many dogs have simply not been taught desired or appropriate behaviour. A lot of behaviour that human beings consider naughty is in fact natural for a dog, such as jumping, digging or chewing to name a few.

In the absence of appropriate correction of negative or unwanted behaviour and more importantly, reward for acceptable behaviour, prevailing and often unwanted behaviour becomes the norm. A dog will do whatever works for the dog. Dogs are not doing it to be malicious or try and “push your buttons”. Human companions need to put some effort into achieving good canine citizens.

With appropriate practical obedience training, dogs and puppies can be taught what behaviour is acceptable and what isn't. Appropriate training can even control some natural behaviours such as jumping up against us, and in turn teach them an alternative more appropriate/acceptable behaviour for which they get praised.

Dogs also have different personalities. With some dogs it is a bit more of a challenge to train, particularly when a lot older with ingrained bad habits. It requires change by the humans as well as the dogs to correct certain behaviour. Some breeds are more of a challenge because of the breed’s original purpose and the associated breed behaviour, which should be taken into account when choosing a dog. With rescue dogs, especially mixed breeds, we don’t get much choice and often only discover problem issues later.

It is however never too late to train! You should start training your puppy from the very first day it arrives in your home, using appropriate reinforcement techniques, establishing boundaries and routines.

Find a school or puppy class that suits you. At WhyzDog we start training at an early age, taking into account a puppy's age and life stage of development. With all dogs we aim to establish a positive relationship order to achieve stable and reliable obedience.

Dogs are not showing guilt when you yell at them, (another human concept foreign to dogs). We explain more in the first lesson.

N.B. Having a large breed dog does not guarantee protection. Many so-called protection dogs don't protect. Dogs need to be taught stable, reliable protection directed towards appropriate threats. Dogs should NOT BE AGGRESSIVE and bite indiscriminately! More on this in a subsequent blog.

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