Peter-John Stols is the dog behaviourist and principal trainer in the school. He is assisted by Jonathan and Kevin, his sons.  WHYZDOG - Dog Behaviour Counselling & Training has developed over a 30-year journey.

The journey started in Midrand because of Great Dane / Bull Mastiff puppy Trojan, who dug a massive hole in a newly planted lawn. Trojan’s “earthmoving” antics initiated a journey that became a dedicated hobby and ultimately developed into considerably more. Peter-John and Susan started training Trojan and Jesse (our GSD) respectively, progressing from basic obedience all the way through to advanced protection. Something done with most of the subsequent family dogs.

The next phase of the journey 24 years ago when Mark D. Invited Peter-John to start getting experience as a trainer helping him in his dog school. After several years working with Mark mainly in Edenvale, Mark moved on to different things in his life and allowed Peter-John to take over the school since about 1998. Peter-John was assisted initially by Tanja for several years, who subsequently moved to the south coast.

The journey into the behavioural aspect commenced during an eight-month recuperation period following severe illness. During this extended recuperation, research was commenced into alternate training methods and specifically behaviour after reading a book on dog behaviour received as a gift from Mark.

Also, around this time, Dr Dominic Davies, a vet in Midrand who treated the Stols pets at the time, approached Peter-John with a request to also run classes in Midrand. He was looking for somebody to whom he could refer so-called problem dogs encountered in the veterinary practice. In time the Midrand classes grew to such an extent with referrals from the vet, that Edenvale classes were moved to Saturday morning classes in Midrand.

In 2011 and 2012 Peter-John studied for a basic and then advanced behaviour diploma in order to progress from just training into behavioural assessment and modification/correction. He is currently studying further in animal behaviour through a UK institution, with the intention of international accreditation.

The school and subsequently the behavioural consultation initially operated under the name DogWhyze. The name was chosen for the interplay on “dog related…” and “Why does my dog?” It was subsequently discovered there are local and international “dog wise” websites, so the name was changed to WhyzDog. The same word interplay as before, also including the wisdom and experience of dog behaviourist and trainer.

For several years WhyzDog also had classes on Monday evenings in Randburg. Cold winter evenings on a windswept sport field unfortunately resulted in dwindling numbers, so these classes were stopped.

The school continues to operate in Midrand on a Saturday morning on referrals by the vet, word-of-mouth, as well as handlers who return with new dogs after having trained with WhyzDog previously.

Refer to the various links for information on services offered class training, private training in the areas covered, protection training and behavioural consultations.


Peter-John is also the owner of an online pet food business, The Pet Caddy cc, delivering to the Johannesburg Northern suburbs. See link below.

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B Compt, Advanced Dog Behaviour (Ethology Academy)

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